Should you take regular breaks from drinking alcohol throughout the year?

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Here’s what they had to say about what to expect and when. Many people might not be aware that their alcohol intake is excessive. “A lot of heavy drinkers often hang out with other heavy drinkers,” Humphreys said. They might have eight drinks when they go to the bar and think it’s average compared with their friends. When women overdo it on booze, they eat an average of  in the following 24 hours, according to a recent survey.

Dry January: How to take a break from alcohol so you’ll actually stick with it

Taking a break at any time gives you a chance to evaluate your relationship with alcohol and allows you to gain an understanding of what is motivating you to drink and how it is impacting your life. The insights gained while taking a break from alcohol can help guide better choices moving forward. Talk with a healthcare professional if you’re concerned you may experience detox symptoms when quitting drinking or cutting back. Together, you can come up with a plan to get through it.

how to take a break from alcohol

“Go slow and try to be mindful of how you are feeling so you don’t overdo it. You want to gradually introduce alcohol back into your routines.” If you need some help keeping track of the number of units you’re drinking in a week, try using our free app. It can also help to keep track of what triggers your desire to drink and then plan how to change your response. Because your drinking increases over time and you could be feeling fine, you might not think of these as being signs of alcohol dependence. Drinking patterns can change over time and you may find yourself drinking more than before. But drinking less can help you reverse your tolerance to alcohol as well as reduce your risk of serious health harm.

Why does drinking alcohol affect your sleep?

Over time, it’s a driver of inflammation — and in heavy drinkers — sets the stage for cirrhosis. Elective sobriety coach Amanda Kuda agrees that, while 30 days may not be enough time to make any meaningful physical changes, it can be a great start for someone who is sober curious. For those who might worry about the stigma of giving up alcohol, Dry January offers a built-in excuse to be sober, especially after what is most likely the “most intense drinking period of the year,” she says. I choose not to drink because I’m still growing and changing. I don’t want my brain’s development to be affected by drinking. I don’t want to break the law; it’s there for a reason.

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  • Either way, it’s definitely right in the middle in terms of the best day of the week to have a birthday on.
  • Because your drinking increases over time and you could be feeling fine, you might not think of these as being signs of alcohol dependence.
  • If you’re used to beer, then you may also be craving carbs.
  • Encourage your friends to meet up in the morning for breakfast, for example, or suggest healthy activities where alcohol is less likely to be present.

“Reflect on the ones that were most successful and consider adopting them long-term.” While some may want to take a longer break from booze or stay sober for good, others will opt to return to alcohol. In any case, experts say there are a few things to be mindful of. Taking a break and reducing your tolerance is an important thing to do for your health.

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Deciding to take a break from alcohol is such a big move when it seems like everyone else is still drinking like a fish. In fact, that’s what can make choosing not to drink challenging at times. Here are some practical tips for making your 30-day break work for you. Given that alcohol is so ubiquitous in our culture, some people drink out of habit and haven’t taken how to take a break from alcohol the time to take note of its effects. “There are many potential benefits to taking a break from alcohol if done wisely,” Koob tells Yahoo Life. “At the very least, taking a break from alcohol gives a person a chance to evaluate their relationship with alcohol and cultivate alternatives for relaxing, socializing, coping and other reasons why people drink.”

how to take a break from alcohol

Total abstinence works for them, but many others might find it a daunting goal. They might still want to enjoy the occasional glass of wine, but not drink in a way that’s detrimental to health. The sober curious movement — people who are limiting their alcohol consumption — is relatively new. Early research suggests that even taking a short break from booze is good for your health.