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With such tight profit margins in the restaurant industry, it is important to analyze your financial reports on a regular basis. Restaurants should be looking at sales vs. cost of goods sold ratios as well as labor ratios. Another ratio many restaurants should consider is the prime cost, which aims to keep the cost of food + beverage + labor at roughly 60% to 65% of your total sales. Accurate restaurant accounting has a multitude of benefits for the success and growth of your business. Accounting leads to better financial management, deeper insights into your business’s financial status, better tracking of cash flows, and a more robust system of tracking inventory. You’ll also learn to take control of your prime costs and adjust menu pricing based on demands and inventory costs.

An example of this would be if you started selling a new item like retail, for example. If you create new items in your POS then Shogo will automatically detect this and email you to update your accounting mapping with the proper QBO category. Once you do this it will then send the journal entry to QBO automatically. Ensure that you keep all receipts and invoices organized and record your transactions accurately.


For the breakeven point, subtract variable costs from the price and then the fixed costs are divided by this amount. To make a profit, you want your revenue to come in higher than your expenses. Overhead is the monthly fixed rates that it costs to run your business. This figure will tell you how much it costs to run your business.

There are some key financial analysis tools that you will want to implement when reviewing your financial reporting. Financial statements should be reviewed and analyzed on a monthly basis so if something is off track, it can be caught early before it snowballs. A restaurant owner should constantly monitor cash flow, which is the money coming in and going out how to do bookkeeping for a restaurant of your restaurant. This includes making sure there is always an emergency fund set aside for unexpected expenses like equipment breaking and needing to be replaced. Calculating payroll in the restaurant industry can sometimes get a little tricky for a business owner who is dealing with multiple wages, employees coming and going, and irregular work hours.